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The explosive growth of mobile marketing, due in large part to the increasing adoption of smartphones, has moved mobile into its own category as a marketing and communications medium. Companies large and small can’t afford to ignore mobile and must take steps now to connect with their customers and prospects on the go. At Sir Speedy we can help with our mobile marketing services.

Mobile commerce is expected to reach $119 Billion by 2015.
2011 MobiThinking

Although mobile devices have been around for a long time, recent technological advancements in smartphone functionality and connectivity have led to significant changes in consumer purchasing cycles and buying behaviors. Mobile customers can now engage with a brand and make a purchase on the go, wherever they may be. We can help you reach these customers with new mobile media such as QR codes and text messaging.

Mobile marketing allows companies to get in front of their customers at any place and time. More and more brands are using mobile as part of their marketing mix. At Sir Speedy, we can help you create a mobile marketing campaign. Call us to learn more.

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