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The Rhythm of Integrated Marketing

Break Your Data Addiction by Measuring Return On Objectives

Marketing Strategy

Jun 12, 2019

It’s time for integrated marketers to break the data addiction and start measuring Return on Objectives (ROO). Compared to raw sales figures or digital metrics, ROO provides a deeper, more robust picture of the success of complex or long-term marketing efforts.

3 Ways to Ensure That Your Event is Truly Experiential

Event Marketing

Jun 05, 2019

Conferences That Work has put together a list of three attributes that signify genuine experiential conferences, and conversely, those that are just borrowing the title.

3 Steps You Can Take for More Effective Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile Marketing

May 29, 2019

Smart Insights has put together a three-step approach to boosting lead capture on mobile landing pages that will help integrated marketers develop more effective landing pages.

3 MORE Social Media Tactics to Enhance Your Email Marketing

Social Media,Email Marketing

May 22, 2019

With social media now in use by millions and billions of users (depending on platform), we thought it was time to revisit this article about social media tactics that any integrated marketer can use to enhance their email marketing.

Gen Z Hates Marketing. Here’s How You Market to Them, Anyway.

Marketing Strategy

May 15, 2019

With spending power of $44 billion and growing every day, Gen Z is a market segment ripe for the picking. But they HATE advertising and marketing. Here’s how smart integrated marketers are getting around that.

3 Tips (Plus Two Bonus Suggestions) for Maximizing Social Proof

Social Media

May 08, 2019

As many integrated marketers have discovered, though, it is also a tremendously useful platform for boosting your credibility, as Social Media Examiner has outlined in its recent article providing three tips for using social proof in your marketing efforts.

Think Small: The Art and Science of Writing UX Microcopy


May 01, 2019

‘Microcopy’ refers to the short blurbs, words, and phrases on a website, product, or app that shape the user journey and overall impression of your brand. Small in size but huge in significance, here’s how integrated marketers can write microcopy right.

6 Steps to Better Business Signage


Apr 17, 2019

What does your external signage say about your business? Are signs, posters banners and window clings fresh, new and helpful, or drab, dark and dated? Your customers’ first impression may be based on what they see when approaching your building and whether the physical pieces tie seamlessly into your brand.

Search-Friendly Copywriting: 5 Tips to Hit the Mark

Content Marketing

Apr 10, 2019

Copywriting is the art and science of getting readers to act. But the volume of written content that is pushed out across the Internet each day can make it challenging to get your own work recognized and generate engagement. The most effective first step that integrated marketers can take to make their content stand out from the masses is to make it search friendly. Smart Insights put together a five-point checklist for crafting search-friendly copywriting.

Keep Your Brand Top of Mind With Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile Marketing

Apr 03, 2019

Marketing Land has determined that despite the glut of options in the top app stores, users ultimately only select and keep the apps that are the most useful to them. They suggest that push notifications, a simple and easy-to-use feature built into nearly every app, may be just the solution for curbing churn and boosting retention.

The Sweet Benefits of Putting Your Marketing Materials In An Online Storefront


Mar 27, 2019

Getting everyone in the company to use properly branded, high-quality collateral can be a constant challenge for marketers. Here’s how one small business used an online storefront to reign in rogue marketing materials and save time and money.

5 Steps to an Effective Marketing Plan - Tips for Small Business Success

Marketing Strategy

Mar 20, 2019

A marketing plan is just as important to business success as a business plan. While your business plan focuses on your overall objectives and strategies, a marketing plan outlines how to get, convert and keep potential customers.

Accessible Signage Can Help Your Business Thrive


Mar 13, 2019

For promotional signs that aren’t covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, applying principles of accessible design makes good business sense for integrated marketers. Here are the elements that can help signage stand out for all your customers. 

Tips for Measuring User Experience - Get a Complete Picture of Your Website’s Performance


Mar 06, 2019

When it comes to websites, there is far more to measuring site performance than the typical analytics behind traffic, bounce rate, and conversions. Website Magazine has put together an overview of what constitutes real website success and how to achieve it.

5 Psychology-Inspired Hacks to Increase Landing Page Conversions


Feb 27, 2019

Integrated marketers who want to increase landing page conversions need to do a deep dive into the customer psyche. These five marketing lessons, inspired by the practice of psychology, can help you move customers deeper into the funnel.

Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2019

Social Media

Feb 20, 2019

Social media marketing is no longer a “nice-to-have” but a necessary communications tool in the integrated marketer’s toolbox. Here is a top 10 list of emerging social media trends that will be essential to marketing brands this year.

4 Reasons to Embrace Digital Signage for Internal Communications


Feb 13, 2019

Digital signage has become an essential tool for retail branding and customer engagement, but what about your employees? Integrated marketers can use their digital signage to increase loyalty, build the company culture, and a host of other benefits.

5 Predictions for Event Marketing in 2019 - Find Success by Adopting These Trends

Event Marketing

Feb 06, 2019

Whether you are looking to make small, incremental changes or serious, significant ones, we think this list does a good job of distilling many of the predictions for the new events year into five tips for event success.

Search-Friendly Copywriting - 5 Tips for Maximizing Your Content

Content Marketing

Jan 30, 2019

Creating great copy is not always easy and adding an SEO element can be a challenge. Implementing the tactics found in this article to ensure your content is search-friendly, is a great way to kick off your exploration of this effort and drive results.

9 for ’19: Web Design Trends for 2019


Jan 23, 2019

Sticky navigation, increased interactivity, and longer landing pages are just a few of the Web design trends that integrated marketers will see dominating in 2019. This article shares nine that will be everywhere by April.

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