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5 Reasons to Include Social Media in Your Digital Signage


Feb 12, 2020

Digital Signage_2It was only a matter of time before two of the biggest marketing trends in recent years joined forces: digital signage and social media, collectively known as social media signage. When integrated marketers use them together, they can create a better in-store experience as well as get deeper social engagement.

For our purposes, we’re talking about Instagram and Twitter, since they both generate a stream of quick content bursts, and long, wordy signs just don’t get read.

A Better In-Store Experience

80% of shoppers say they’ve been lured into a store by digital signs. Don’t miss your opportunity to keep them there! Social signage lets you inform, engage, and entertain. It’s particularly useful in high-traffic areas where you have a captive audience (for example, a hotel lobby, a checkout line, or a cash wrap counter).

For a more sales-focused approach, curate your signage content to include:
  • Product review of the week
  • Customer stories
  • Top comments of the week
Because Nobody Likes Stale Signage

Even though digital signs draw the eye much better than traditional signage, the brain will start tuning them out if the same messages are displayed over and over. Incorporating elements from your social media feeds will shake things up and create more interest for the rest of your content.

Drive More Engagement on Your Social Platforms

Besides enhancing the retail experience, social media signage can improve engagement on social platforms, especially if you interact with your in-store customers. You’ll gain new followers, which will help you expand your reach and increase brand awareness.

You Get a Steady Stream of User-Generated Content

People love sharing their thoughts (and being validated), so they’ll provide you with a consistent stream of content. You won’t even need to prompt them: just being in the presence of social signs will make them pick up their phones and @ you!

It’s a Ready-Made Loyalty Program

For those customers whose tweets or posts you do use, reward them with something of value. 71% of consumers who have a positive experience with a brand on social media are more likely to recommend that brand to their friends and family, so besides building loyalty, you’re helping ensure an influx of new customers.

Make Sure Your Signage Fits Your Business
In today’s world, business changes fast – are your signs keeping up? [Pip/Sir Speedy/Signal Graphics]  can help you refresh your analog signs or take your digital signage to the next level for less time, money, and effort than you expect. Get in touch today.

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