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The Rhythm of Integrated Marketing

4 E-commerce Trends You Must Know for 2020


Oct 02, 2019

Online ShoppingIf you’re an integrated marketer looking for a professional new year’s resolution, focus your  attention on enhancing your e-commerce. 2019 was the year that e-commerce bested traditional brick-and-mortar sales for general merchandise, and in 2020, B2B firms will spend even more on e-commerce technology than online retailers. These are a few of the big trends you’ll see in 2020.

A More Seamless and Satisfying Customer Experience

Huge news for companies that can’t compete against Amazon in terms of scale and rock-bottom pricing (which is pretty much all of us): experts predict that satisfaction with the customer experience will overtake pricing as the biggest reason why someone buys, or doesn’t, online.

To create a seamless and satisfying customer experience, your site should include features that eliminate surprises and enhance ease of use:
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Clear expectations for the purchasing process
  • User reviews and other forms of showing social proof
  • Multiple customer service channels

And speaking of customer service…

Better AI Chatbots

A recent study revealed that 80% of brands want to integrate chatbots into their sites by 2020, and 35% of customers want this, too. Chatbots help deliver consistently good customer service, 24/7. And they also give marketers an opportunity to personify their brands.

Still not convinced? One survey says that as many as 94% of respondents “dread contacting customer service,” and 70% of them would be interested in using a chatbot if they could accomplish the same thing.

More Original Photography

Stock photos certainly have their place in your marketing…but it’s not on your e-commerce site. Customers value authenticity over slickness, and it boosts their confidence if they know they’re seeing actual images of your offerings. For non-product shots, high-quality, colorful images can better tell your brand’s story and differentiate your company from your competitors.

Mobile First, Everything Else Second

The statistics around mobile shopping continue to boggle the mind: by 2021, mobile purchases will account for half of all e-commerce sales. When we say ‘mobile first,’ we don’t just mean responsive design: we mean that the desktop and tablet experiences should mirror that of mobile, with design features that include:

  • Long scrolling
  • Card-like layouts
  • Simple, colorful icons
  • Uncluttered layouts

Optimization is still crucial across all platforms: even a two-second delay in loading can cause a 103% increase in bounce rates – and most of those customers will never come back.

With the holiday season and 2020 here before you know it, the sooner you start optimizing, the sooner you start selling more.

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