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How to Get More Quality Followers on Instagram

Social Media

Jun 26, 2019
More Insta FollersMaybe you’re an integrated marketer who dragged your feet, then finally decided to jump on board the Instagram bandwagon. You’ve found your target audience, created great content, and worked with key influencers, but you’re just not seeing the numbers move up. What gives?

First of all, number of followers isn’t your only measure of success.  It’s important, but so are metrics like engagement and reach, both of which consider people who don’t follow you but still consume or interact with your content.

However, if you follow the latest tips on producing meaningful, organic growth on Instagram, you’ll definitely get more followers and see all your other metrics trend in the right direction, too.

Use Relevant Hashtags
Do some digging into what’s trending – both in general and in your industry. Find the sweet spot between overly generic and niche. Also try branded hashtags (think #shareacoke, KitKat’s #haveabreak, or something ownable like REI’s whole #optoutside campaign). Simply adding a location tag can also boost engagement by up to 79%.

Post Consistently
One study found that business marketers who post daily gain followers four times faster than those posting once a week. Even though your feed position is determined by an algorithm, you can still hack the system by posting when your followers are most likely to be active.

Make It Multimedia
Right now, Instagram Stories are super-hot, and 45% of the most-viewed stories come from brands and companies, not individuals. There’s no shame in double-dipping by repurposing your existing epic video content for an Instagram Story or feed item.

Engage With Your Audience
Social is best when it’s a two-way conversation. Like your followers’ comments, answer questions, and respond to DMs. These are surefire ways to not only build but deepen engagement with followers, turning them from casual visitors to advocates and fans.

A Quick Word on Buying Followers
Much like purchasing an email list, buying Instagram followers is dicey, at best. At worst, your profile could be deleted or banned for violating Instagram’s TOS.  And it won’t actually increase your engagement. Hootsuite’s Michael Aynsley conducted an experiment and purchased followers for a test profile. Even though the profile got 1,000 new followers in a day, he also got 0 engagement – no likes, no comments. According to Aynsley, the new followers included, “…a bizarre mix of teenagers posting shirtless selfies, accounts with no posts at all, and more than a few bots…Not a great audience for your brand to associate itself with.”

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