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The Rhythm of Integrated Marketing

Outreach to Millennial & GenZ Consumers is Changing

Marketing to Millennials and Gen ZWhile it seems contrary to everything we see online, reporting shows that social media usage is down for younger users. With that decline, integrated marketers, retailers, and all of us are asking ourselves how to reach the Millennial and Generation Z consumers who are dominating the marketplace. MarketingProfs has taken a look at how to continue to earn attention and loyalty from these demographics without investing as heavily in social media.

Shifts in Social Media Usage

Convince and Convert recently analyzed findings from a large-scale annual report on social habits by age group and had some surprising takeaways about Americans aged 12-34. For this group, social media has peaked, leaving usage flat from 2015-2019. Except for Snapchat (which didn’t grow or shrink from 2017-2019), all other major social platforms saw noteworthy decreases in engagement. The only site that grew for this group was—unsurprisingly—Instagram.

With declines like this, how can integrated marketers continue to reach out to this significant consumer group?

Facilitate Digital Shopping

Millennials and GenZ, especially, don’t know anything other than online, apps, mobile, and instant communication methods. As a result, traditional shopping and advertising methods don’t impact them the same way the do others. They like that digital shopping is self-directed and independent, and the shopping experience is customizable in a way that a physical store cannot support.

According to Forbes, these consumers want their experience to be customizable to their needs: schedules, interests, and the introduction of new items or solutions that they didn’t even know they wanted. A whitepaper from the mobile marketing platform Verve summarizes, “…their mobile devices serve as muse, stylist, and runway, enhancing the… shopping experience via inspiration, guidance, advice, up-to-the-minute deals, and peer recognition.”

Mobile is a Must

Because Millennials and GenZ require a digital shopping experience, any sites that they visit need to adhere to mobile-first practices. If a site isn’t responsive, they are likely to navigate away to one that is. No matter how great the content, deals or products on offer, they seek creativity in design, usability, and responsiveness.

Authenticity Matters

These savvy shoppers need to be won over by brands who are courting them. They are vocal about their interest in brands that share their values. They will support, promote, and buy from brands that are authentic, honest, and dedicated to the things that matter most to them.

Offer Consistently Great Content

Not only does content need to be enticing and creative, but it should also speak directly to the audience. Integrated marketers should provide regular, high-quality content that is tied to user interests. By building a database or repository of high-value, buyer-focused information that speaks to consumers at their current position in the lifecycle, brands will build a strong reputation with shoppers.

Email is Back!

Surprisingly, for all their departures from “traditional” marketing, both Millennials and GenZ prefer to hear from brands through email. Messaging, though, must be engaging, creative, fun, and direct. Good design is a bonus but isn’t as critical as what is communicated.

Millennials and GenZ want value, authenticity, and a direct relationship with brands. If your business can take the above steps, you stand a good chance of earning their attention without a hefty investment in social media. For help with engaging website design, signs, integrated marketing, direct marketing, and creative services, Sir Speedy can help you reach these coveted demographics.

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