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7 Easy Tips to Make Your Signage More Instagrammable and Reach New Customers

Social Media,Signage

Jul 01, 2020

Instagrammable SignageIn good old days – say, 2017 or 2018 – conventional wisdom was to use social media to lure people into your restaurant or retail store. But now integrated marketers are switching things up and using in-store experiences to drive traction on social media, particularly Instagram. 

That’s because Instagram has become a platform of discovery: 83% of users are actively searching for new brands and products. Additionally, people are almost 58% more likely to purchase from a brand they follow on social media, so getting found and followed on Instagram could be a huge sales-driver. Here are a few easy tips to get your signage ready for its close-up. 

1.     Take a Picture

The simplest and most obvious way to gauge the Insta-worthiness of your signs and displays is to snap a few selfies in front of them. Pictures often allow you to see things the eyes miss. You don’t have to think about fitting everything into a neat little square; just make sure there’s a lot of color, texture, and other visual interest. 

2.     Go Outside

As a retailer, you know more than half the battle is getting people inside your store. Retro-inspired sandwich boards can stop shoppers in their tracks. Artful window displays are functional, beautiful, and cost-effective. When considering placement and format, you’ll need to think about potential glare and lighting, but that shouldn’t stop you from making the most of your windows. 

3.     Tell a Story

Use signs and displays to create a tableau. It doesn’t have to be expensive, ornate, or complicated: look at how J. Crew used simple window clings to tell a humorous story that captured attention. Digital signage is another effective tool for creating compelling narratives (but again, you’ll need to experiment and snap a few pictures for best results). 

4.     Use Fewer Words and Large Type

This one’s a win-win since it makes the retail experience more rewarding for both shopping and ‘gramming. Use big, bold type and fewer words. You’ll captivate customer attention – and it makes for easier reading on a mobile screen. 

5.     Change Often

Refreshed and updated signage is the key to capturing in-store attention and promoting offers or new products. Consider using signage that’s themed for holidays or other important events and changing it out often. Another way to switch things up is with clings that can be easily repositioned throughout the store. 

6.     Make Your Signs Works of Art

You don’t have to be quite as elaborate as Alfred Coffee was with its Lego wall, but using large-format signs or murals can deliver super-sized benefits. In addition to being instantly Instagram-worthy, they drive increased foot traffic, keep shoppers in your store for longer, and produce more word-of-mouth referrals. 

7.     Include Your URL

Remember, the whole point of getting your signs and your business Instagram-ready is to reach new customers. In case your business is photographed but not tagged or identified in the caption, your URL will help a new audience discover you. 

Is It Time for a Refresh?

High-quality signage is durable enough to stand up for many seasons, but as we mentioned above, keeping it fresh is the key to maintaining customer attention, both online and IRL. A simple refresh can make your whole store feel new again and energize your staff, too. Sir Speedy is the signage experts, and we’re happy to show you the latest innovations in signage, POP displays, and more.

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