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Blog Post | May 11, 2021

Think Your Business Isn't 'Creative' Enough for Instagram-Worthy Signage? Think Again.

Here are a few signage ideas that work for retailers of all kinds, regardless of your location or products.

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One of the things we hear all the time from business owners and integrated marketers is, “I’d love to update my signs to make them stand out on Instagram, but I don’t know if it’s right for my business.” They assume that if they’re not selling trendy wares in a bustling part of town, their business isn’t creative enough to get noticed on the platform. 

We’ve helped thousands of businesses all over the United States create and install signage that’s gotten them traction on social media – which translates to potential fans and buyers. Here are a few ideas that work for retailers of all kinds, no matter where you are or what you sell. 

Think Big, Bold Fields of Color

Sometimes, the simplest things can be the most effective. Take the Paul Smith store in Los Angeles and its famed bright pink wall that attracts hundreds of selfie-takers a day. There’s nothing fancy or expensive about it, and it works both inside and outside. 

If your brand palette includes bold or unusual colors, you can try it, too. Be sure to include a branded element, such as your name, a hashtag, or URL, so people will be able to identify you. 

Your Logo and Name

A big artistic rendering of your name and logo is instant Instagram bait. Another approach is to use your name and logo as a lockup on a step-and-repeat wall, similar to those used at movie premieres. 

Put Your Tagline or Motto in Lights

Neon never really goes out of style, and right now, it’s back again, in a big way. Provide #inspo by putting your motto, tagline, or some other meaningful statement in neon. Take, for example, Alfred Coffee’s #butfirstcoffee signs that have been snapped thousands of times. The store wasn’t the first to use the hashtag, but their irresistible signage helped them own it and turn it into a meme. 

And, as long as we’re talking about Alfred, another tactic that’s gotten them into social media feeds hundreds of thousands of times: they hired a beloved local fashion designer to create a series of iconic coffee sleeves. You could try the same approach for shopping bags or other accessories that go home with your customers. 

Seek Out Local Collaborations

Even if you don’t see the creative elements of your business, a good designer or artist will. Working with a local talent who has their own following is a great way to expand your reach, giving you a built-in audience who will be interested in checking out the finished product. 

Want More Followers? Just Ask!

This one is so obvious it’s brilliant, and it can work for any business: create an attractive sign that announces your business on social media and where to find it.  Try placing a bold sign somewhere near the cash wrap. An illustrated chalkboard outdoors can help promote your business to pedestrians, and if you include a witty saying or impactful illustration, you’re sure to get ‘grammed. 

So, Your Signs Are Getting Noticed. What Next?

Getting your signs noticed and popular on the platform is an excellent first step, but it’s only the beginning. Hopefully, you’re engaged in social listening, so you know when your brand is getting mentioned. Your next move is to start a conversation. About 79% of people expect brands to engage with them on social within 24 hours -- and 40% want to be acknowledged in 60 minutes or less. 

Whether you’ve got questions about your signage or your social media presence, we’ve got answers. Besides knowing the big trends, we also have unique insights into your local market. No matter what business you’re in, we can help you stand out on Instagram for all the right reasons.