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Using Pop-Up Ads for Good

Pop Up AdsWhat has a 73% disapproval rating but can increase email signups by nearly 14%, grow leads by 162%, and convert more than 3% of viewers? If you guessed pop-up ads, then you deserve a cookie!

These counterintuitive facts are why the despised pop-up ad will never go away. MarketingLand took a look at why pop-ups have become an entrenched part of a successful integrated marketing strategy, the power they wield over site visitors, and how to make them work for you.

Pop-Up Power

The short answer for their continued dominance is that pop-up ads work. These ads have a well-earned reputation because they disrupt the user experience. While searching or shopping, an ad appears that takes over a large part of the visible space on the site, forcing the user away from their desired activity. By the same token, though, this is precisely why they continue to work.

Most of us experience banner blindness when on websites. This selective disregard for extraneous information may be conscious or unconscious, but it means that users simply aren’t seeing typical online ads. Pop-ups defy this obliviousness, interrupting the user experience and demanding attention.

Thinking Strategically

The problem with pop-ups isn’t the format or even the intrusion; it’s that they are seldom used effectively. For years they have been abused to spread viruses and scams, making the public wary of clicking on them. But by determining the best ways to provide value to users without creating unnecessary frustration or difficulty, integrated marketers can use pop-up ads for business success.

Positive Pop-Ups

The most significant thing that a marketer can do to ensure pop-up efficacy is to provide value to users. Keeping in mind that you are starting at a disadvantage because pop-ups are proven to be irritating to users, make sure that whatever you are offering to them is good enough to offset any negativity.

Appeal to users and improve their experience on your site by ensuring that their visit is positive. Give them something that they want or will appreciate in exchange for putting up with an intrusive ad.

Ways to Add Value

Most website visitors first encounter your site while doing research. They want to see what’s an offer and how it can benefit them. Consider using pop-ups to offer something that encourages them to act.

Discounts – Grab user attention with an offer that will tempt them to move from window shopper to shopper. You can use the pop-up ad as a lead collection tool and ask them to provide their email in exchange for a generous discount, giving you plenty of new opportunities to engage with them.

Exclusive Offers—Use your pop-up ad to entice users with special content like whitepapers, e-books, articles, etc. Again, you can use the ad for lead generation with the promise of special or limited information only available to your mailing list.

Limited Time Offers—Nobody wants to miss out on a deal, so create a sense of urgency with your pop-up ad. This could include early access to tickets for an event, or combine it with a discount that is only good during a limited timeframe.


With the right strategy in place, pop-up ads can become more than an irritant on your website. Avoid being pushy or using the ads for any reason other than to court visitors. Make sure that you are offering relevant value to your audience, not distracting them without a good reason. If enough integrated marketers follow this methodology, perhaps some of the stigma around pop-up ads can be dispelled.

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