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What Great Event Landing Pages All Have in Common

Event Marketing

Jan 29, 2020

Event Landing PageYour integrated marketing team has just put together a fantastic conference, packed with in-demand speakers, informative panels, and cool mixers. But sadly, “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t apply here. You’ve got to publicize the event and then get people to register. And your landing page needs to do most of the heavy lifting.

Because it’s such a crucial part of an event marketing campaign, we’ve rounded up some of the essential features the best event landing pages have in common.

They Limit the Number of Hoops Registrants Have to Jump Through

Registering for an event shouldn’t feel like filling out a job application. The simpler the registration forms, the more people will sign up. CES, one of the most famous events in the world, keeps its forms simple, asking only for first and last name, company name, business email address, and country.

They Convey Urgency

Even if you start promoting your event nine months ahead of time, you want to make people feel like they absolutely must register ASAP. Short, bold calls-to-action can help you achieve this. Don’t overthink it: options like “Buy Now” and “Click to Register” will work. Don’t underestimate the power of FOMO – early-bird discounts create buzz, let you gather information, and they’re one of the most effective ways to generate sales.

They Make It All Registration, Not the Event

Take a look at this South by Southwest landing page – it’s not about the lineup, the city of Austin, or anything other than getting you to click on an offer.

Of course, if you’re not SXSW, you’ll still need to provide tantalizing, targeted information about the value of your event, including event lineups, special programs, and accommodations, but keep it off the landing page.

They Use Exciting Imagery

Pictures of packed conference rooms and PowerPoint presentations don’t excite people. But pictures of the event city, entertainment, and enthusiastic participants do motivate event-goers. Salesforce’s Dreamforce regularly uses photos of the San Francisco skyline and their famous concerts to inspire people to take action. After you’ve selected the right images, ensure they’re at the correct resolution – nothing will spoil the WOW factor faster than a low-res, pixelated image.

High-Impact Solutions for Event, Marketing and More

We have all the resources you need to plan, pull off, and successfully market your next great event. From booths and signage to email marketing and collateral, we’ve got the services to take the pressure off of integrated marketers. Contact us so we can help make it happen!

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