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Bindery and Mail Equipment Operator Production / Olathe, KS

Sir Speedy Print Signs and Marketing in Olathe is growing.  We need more employees who know how to get things done.  People who do their job well and do it quickly and efficiently.  The first position we need to fill is in our Bindery and Mailing departments.  

I think someone like McGyver or the Bionic Woman* would be ideal for this position.  Or a Ninja.  Yes, a Ninja would be perfect!  FYI: says a ninja is a person who is expert or highly skilled in a specific field or activity.  We would seriously LOVE to find a Bindery and Mailing Ninja.

*For those too young to remember The Bionic Woman, she had a surgery that replaced her arms and legs with super-powered bionics giving her superhuman strength, speed and jumping ability. I’m not really sure you need to be able to jump for this job, but hey, it can’t hurt! Also, her right ear could hear a pin drop from a mile away, or in our case, this ability could be used to detect a problem with equipment by the way it sounds so you can shut it down before said problem causes equipment failure.  


We could call this position a Print, Bindery & Mailing Tech, but I think Bindery & Mailing Ninja has a nice ring to it.

Do you like to work with your hands?  This could be the job for you!  We strongly prefer that you have 3-5 years’ experience operating bindery and/or mailing equipment such as a folder, booklet maker, inserter, cutter and other common bindery and mailing equipment.  If you have experience with other equipment (and if you can convince us that your mastery of that equipment has prepared you for our fast-paced, deadline-driven, quality-minded business) feel free to convince us that your skills would translate.  But believe me when I say that there are times when our volume is so high that other shops would marvel at how we get it all done.  So we don’t want someone who reminds us of the candy factory scene from the I Love Lucy Show when Lucy and Ethel can’t wrap the candy as fast as it comes out of the machine.  (Showing my age again?)


So why would you want to work for Sir Speedy?  Let me count the ways!  Great benefit package and working environment.  An awesome staff with get ‘er done attitudes.  A stable, solid business that has been serving loyal customers for over 30 years.  A business owned and operated by a couple committed to finding the best and most effective ways to help their customers succeed with a reliable team that makes that a reality.


The Print, Bindery & Mailing Tech at Sir Speedy could be a full time or part-time position. This person would prepare, process, and complete print and mailing jobs following USPS and Sir Speedy guidelines, operating various bindery and mailing machines, as well as digital envelope presses.


The person in this position:

Ø  Manages multiple priorities, tasks and projects;

Ø  Meets deadlines on a daily basis;

Ø  Is committed to quality and excellent customer service;

Ø  Takes appropriate actions to support a diverse workforce and participates in efforts to create a respectful, inclusive, and welcoming work environment.


Qualifications Required:

       High School Diploma or equivalent

       3 years related experience in print production and/or mailroom/bindery operation (or the ability to convince us that your experience would add just as much value)

       Proficient in Microsoft Excel and Word and the ability to learn new software

       Strong verbal and written communication skills

       Strong customer service skills

       Amazing time management and organizational skills

       Ability to multi-task, prioritize and meet deadlines



A successful employee would:

       Be able to work independently and as a team member

       Take initiative

       Know how to streamline job processes

       Have a high level of production flexibility




It would be a dream come true if this person also had:

       Experience with USPS marketing mail regulations (previously known as “Presort” or “Bulk” or “3rd class” mail)

       Familiarity with postal software

       A working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite

       Experience with design layout

If interested in applying, send Resume and Cover Letter to

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895 N Mart-Way Drive
Olathe, KS 66061


Anne Oswald

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